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Персональная выставка-спутник Конкурса молодых украинских художников МУХи 2011 года, галерея «Совиарт», Киев, Украина. Куратор Янина Пруденко. Проект«Bear&Hare» лауреат 1-й премии Международный фестиваль «Non Stop Media» 2008, г. Харьков, Украина.

The main motto of the project is the phrase, each bear has to be a hare. It is not just the physical presence of someone close, but the need to have individual freedom of expression. The project raises the question of relations between the two characters that have different priorities in life. In black-and-white photographs recorded short stories of their daily lives.
Bear is a man, Bunny, it is not necessarily the image of women, everyone can imagine, according to his identity. This story examines love and conflict that occurs under the influence of everyday life, but also the compatibility of two worldviews. Heroes of combined love and finding a place in a certain time.