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One day


“ONE DAY” is an experimental project. We see an aquarium, 120 x 60 cm and a container with the dripping water as a symbol of an elusive moment. The water surface is a screen for the video projection.

The project is investigating an urban area as a force which can distort the time and nature biorythms. In this case the understanding of the world through the process of meditation becomes impossible.

Time is passing by and speeding up, obeying to the rhythm of the rushing city or becoming a canned timelessness in the space of a supermarket. Video is fixing the full light day, from dusk till dawn. Static, faceless buildings become silent witnesses of the natural life. The urban noise is playing an important role in this video: screeching of a tram, hum of the working mechanisms, people’s voices, cellphones’ rings. They are alligning into depressing cacophony, which is louder than a beauty and harmony of nature.