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This project is about the system of control, which contains the form of a visual maxim.The two images of a sheep and a dog are the symbols of the simple “predator – victim” or “master and slave” interactions. However there is the third force that is chipping in their relationships and this force is called a “surveillance camera”. From the theological point of view an “all-seeing eye” is an embodiment of the absolute justice. But in this case we don’t have the guarantee of it’s fairness. We don’t know who and for what purpose is watching us, we have just a fact of 24 hours of the video surveillance. It is happening without our agreement and indication of an ultimate goal. Due to the video projection anyone, who comes near to the drawings is automatically caught by the camera and could see himself inside of the third circle changing his role to accessary of  what is happening.The two similar collars, canine and ovine are showing the equal degree of dependence inside of the system of control and hierarchy, the illusory of intrasystemic differences.