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IKEA Bauhaussummer 2014

The video "Bauhaus spirit", where we are filmed the most iconic elements of the Bauhaus style. 

Learn more about super teacher and great person Ton Matton https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkUczxsJH5U

Beautiful buildings by master Alexander Römer of light wood you would find here http://constructlab.net/

On the second day of summer school we are made the Change clothes project. It was not so easy to give a part of your individuality to another person, and to wear a clothes what smells not like you. But our sharing resource was clothes, we trusted each and did it.
Sometimes with clothes changing it was fun, sometimes more fashion, but Dag the student from Ethiopia has a special energy inside and we decide to make a video with him as a main character.
In the process of sharing we are understood that you can to change a clothes, but it's okay, it's just a clothes.

The idea to share body is by Dorothee Krings and Amelie Goldfuß.
At first we are made a prototypes from paper, then started to create a drawings and to think about a general style of the costumes collection. We took classic Bauhaus colors yellow, red and blue as a basic colors of the collection. We decided don't use a new fabrics. We went to people in Dessau and asked them to give us an old clothes, what they are don't need any more. The result was really exciting and we are received a lot of beautiful old style clothes and start to do our costumes. Also we thought  about the great heritage of Oskar Schlemmer and Wassily Kandinsky and used a very simple geometric forms.


More info about Bauhaus Summer School here http://www.bauhaus-dessau.de/rueckblick-und-impressionen-ikea-bauhaussommer-2014.html