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Baroque Now


The Baroque Now project combines two seemingly unrelated styles in one collection of designer clothes: Ukrainian Baroque and Futuristic Minimalism.
The creative collaboration of clothing designer Polina Weller and graphic designer and artist Olga Selishcheva was the result of an unexpected and expressive form of the modern vision of the past and the future, merged at the extreme point of the present time.
Baroque style has acquired special decorative features on the territory of Ukraine and is characterized by a large number of floral ornaments. Already, the colorful features of classical Baroque in this area at one time gained even more volume and color. Laconic geometric shape of corsets and skirts made of white plastic, complemented by hand-painted murals in the style of lush Ukrainian baroque. The contrast is enhanced by the synthetics of the material on which the living plant ornaments are applied. Ornamental "exclamations" draw attention even more, deliberately exaggerating the "underestimated" danger of the plastic addiction already familiar to modern humans. The designers in the project are interested in the experiment of combining artistic expression on a topical topic, the process of combining rational, technological, clear with unjustifiably luxurious, man-made, tactile.